The new foodie favourite of Birmingham?

5th November 2015

Is PRAZA the new fine dining, foodie favourite of Birmingham? A second opinion is always great when deciding where to visit for a great dining experience so take a look at what the foodie bloggers thought of PRAZA…


“Very rarely do we go to a restaurant where we couldn’t think of any possible improvements for the food and drink, but Praza really had us stumped!” Good Girl Gone Brum > READ MORE

“The Masaledar Samundari Khazana was orgasmic” Nutella Tasha > READ MORE

“High quality food in a modern and stylish setting” A Little Luxury For Me > READ MORE

“[The] ‘Erotic Martini’…was an orgy of exciting flavours…I felt like a bond girl!” Emma Victoria Stokes > READ MORE

“The prawn dish was the standout for me…we enjoyed the food a lot” The Foodie Couple Blog > READ MORE


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