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Roasted Turkey Crown with Hyderabadi spices

Sliced, roasted, marinated turkey served with gravy, stuffing, a medley of winter vegetables and roast potatoes.

Tandoori Roast Chicken

The best and tastiest known Indian roast chicken, “King of kebabs”. Spring chicken breast, marinated overnight in yogurt, malt vinegar and chosen spices, cooked in a tandoor, served with butter chicken gravy, tandoori roasted vegetables or Kashmiri pulao rice.

Vegetable patties with Makhni souse (V)

Shallow fried patties of Seasonal veg and paneer, serves with makhni gravy, tandoori roasted vegetables or Kashmiri pulao rice.

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Traditional Christmas Pudding

Served with brandy sauce

Badami Phirni *

An exotic, creamy dessert made with ground rice, milk, cream, sugar and almonds, fragranced with rose essence. It is traditionally served chilled in earthenware bowls called ‘shikoras’.


Golden fried parcels of filo pastry stuffed with a roast almond and chocolate filling, served with vanilla ice cream.

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